Ace Wrought Iron Custom Large Twisted Basket Chandelier 60" Dia.

By Clayton J. Bryant

Large 60" Dia. Custom 3 Tier Twisted Basket Wrought Iron Chandelier, 24 Arm

60" Dia. x Chandelier 60" high
Chandelier Size & Height Guide

Canopy Kit Custom Heavy #7000-COLLAR INCLUDED

24 Arms, 40 Watt Bulbs Maximum

Shown With Med Base Fibre Drip Antique Gold Candlecovers,

coated with Clear Satin Lacquer

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Custom 24 Arm 3 Tier Large
Wrought Iron Chandelier
$3900 Plus Shipping

Make a DEPOSIT $1950

Please Your Zip Code for Shipping COST

Please allow Three to Four weeks for Custom Order.

Baskets are twisted by HAND and may vary

Custom 3 Tier Twisted Basket Wrought Iron Chandeliers are available in Smaller 41 inch and 48 inch Dia. Sizes.

Custom 41 inch 3 Tier Twisted basket chandelier $2500 Plus Shipping

Custom 48 inch 3 Tier Twisted basket chandelier $2800 Plus Shipping

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I have personally designed, HAND-FORGED, dated and signed, each Custom Large Wrought Iron Chandelier
at my home blacksmith shop in Thorndike, Maine.


Custom Plain Large Wrought Iron Chandelier 60 Inch Dia., 3 Tier, 24 Arm

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