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Clayton J. Bryant

Hand Twisting a Large Twisted Basket In My Home Blacksmith Shop

For over 47 years I have been welding and fabricating metal. The Bryant family has a long history in blacksmithing and inventions, including my father, grandfather and great grandfather. In 1991 as a creative venture I started designing and hand-forging wrought iron candelabra's at my home blacksmith shop. This led to specializing in chandeliers, lamps, fireplace tool sets and various practical home accessories. This website shows only a small sample of my work and I welcome custom orders.


Maine Blacksmith

My daughters Tracy & Emilee along with Granddaughters

My Bryant Blacksmithing History and Family Tree

Clayton J. Bryant
5 Dolloff Road
Thorndike, Maine 04986-3323

(207) 568-3680

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