Ace Wrought Iron Katonah Pillar Translucent Beeswax Candle Chandelier

By Clayton J. Bryant

48" Dia. x 1 1/2" wide Ring x Custom Height
Wrought Iron Chandelier

Shown With Real Ivory Beeswax Translucent Candles 4" Dia. x 5" High
Honey Or Antique Ivory Available

Uses Low Watt LED Bulbs only
For Ambiance Lighting Only

Chandelier Size & Height Guide

Canopy Kit Custom Heavy #7000-COLLAR INCLUDED

Natural Iron Finish with Clear Satin Lacquer

Please For Prices

Please allow Three to Four weeks for Custom Order.

I have personally designed, HAND-FORGED, dated and signed, each Custom Large Wrought Iron Chandelier
at my home blacksmith shop in Thorndike, Maine.


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